BlackBerry Application Development

There has been noted explosive growth in Blackberry apps in the market. With popularity reaching to its peak, many of the business owners who would like to use blackberry technology to attract their customers are now on the lookout for the blackberry app development companies which can provide quality services. If you are in such a quest for blackberry app development services then you are really right on being here on our website: OM-IT Solutions.

Why choose us for BB App Development Services?

We are a technology-driven company focusing more on quality of the services which we deliver. We, with our team of experts in blackberry app development technology, provide services to our clients which exceed their expectations. We examine all key characteristics in order to design and develop a blackberry app which the clients entrust us for. With huge amount of experience, we develop apps for our clients which support all devices (or which are in fact, highly fragmented and rapidly evolving).

Team of experts – our developers are well-versed in Java 7.1 SDK

  • Our work flow - We begin our work with a perfect understanding of the requirements stated.
  • Versatility - We develop BB apps that are highly innovative (forms – layouts, design, user-friendly features related to your audio and video embedded requirements or other high-in-demand app graphics or animations.
  • Support - Apps we develop support all versions from the most basic to the most advanced.
  • Cloud based Apps - We develop from the most static to the most advanced with all mobility or cloud connectivity.
  • Security - We instil security features which boast up the quality of the app we develop for our clients.

What apps we develop?

We develop apps for any industry you name. You just tell us of what you require and you will hear us say: "YES, we can do this". We never answer in negativity when it comes to developing BB apps for our clients across the globe.

Contact us when you are looking for

  • Business apps
  • Game apps
  • Travel or hotel apps
  • Social networking or ecommerce apps to be developed etc.

Just contact us when you are in need of an app which suits your field of business, no matter whether you belong to travel sector or entrainment sector or education or any other sector. We can deliver assure of the best quality app development services.

Our Portfolio

  • 1Malaysia
  • Royal Banking
  • Petrosa Energy
  • Pacific Ventures
  • GoodGrocer
  • SouthWales Fire
  • Arthur Mackenzy
  • Job Street
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia