Hire Android Developer

Every great Android Application germinates first from an idea-app-seed, but it is the implementation process which successfully translates that idea into an app which any app user will admire. Every android app heavily relies on design pattern which in many ways influence much of the programming or coding of the app. So, it is always necessary to hire dedicated android programmers or developers who can write app codes, taking time to explore the possible techniques and technologies which can deliver a good end-result.

Android App Development – Developing your app concepts

App developers at OM-IT Solutions focus on everything from the basic to highly-advanced; when it comes to delivering a highly innovative app for the customers. Our app developers are well-versed in everything related to Android app development.

Expertise in iPhone development

  • Build simple or user-friendly app interface for your app.
  • Develop apps which support all versions or devices.
  • Include dynamic UI Fragments.
  • Build apps with multimedia.
  • Build apps with graphics and animation.
  • Include user-info and location (as required by the client).
  • Build apps with cloud connectivity.
  • Build apps with inclusions of security and privacy.

Our app developers have extensive experience in app development technology. App developers at OM-IT Solutions can work on any type of application you require.

Our developers have extensive knowledge in

  • Android SDK, APIs.
  • SQL Lite.
  • Java/J2ME, C++ etc.

Apps our developers can develop include, but not limited to

  • Entertainment apps.
  • Travel apps.
  • Business or finance apps.
  • Multimedia apps.
  • Geo-location apps.
  • Social networking apps.
  • Marketing apps.
  • Ecommerce apps etc.

Strikingly salient benefits of hiring app developers

  • Quality services.
  • Hire as per your projects (for short or long-term projects as per your requirements).
  • Best design and development methods.
  • Work by experts only .
  • Get your project completed as per your time-line.
  • Not much investment required.
  • Valuable support 24x7.

Hiring a dedicated app developer, you can reap myriad benefits. So, just contact us today to know more about how our dedicated app developers can help you get your app developed with unique quality.

Our Portfolio

  • 1Malaysia
  • Royal Banking
  • Petrosa Energy
  • Pacific Ventures
  • GoodGrocer
  • SouthWales Fire
  • Arthur Mackenzy
  • Job Street
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  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia
  • 1Malaysia