Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term which is now broadly described to explain the process of marketing in search engine like Google, Yahoo etc. The process of SEP marketing, in other words, is also called website optimization. It involves a great amount of work from search engine experts who know how search engines work and what they really favour when they show "searched results" on keywords by the internet users.

OM-IT Solutions knows what search engines favour

We have a team of experts in website optimization. We carry out our website optimization process as per the rules set by the respective search engines (each search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., has their own ways of crawling / indexing / penalizing / caching / ranking / favouring sites etc.,). We do everything which takes from on-page optimization to off-page website optimization.

Our on-page optimization will focus more on use of:

  • Right set of keywords in the title (title optimization).
  • Right set of keywords to be given as Meta keywords (Meta keyword placement for higher ranking).
  • Keyword based title description or Meta description.
  • Image or other media optimization to make easier for search engines to read images or other multimedia files.
  • Web content optimization by stuffing right keywords into the content on home page or other necessary web pages of your website) and many other things which are secrets and are exclusive to OM-IT on-page optimization team.

Our off-page optimization process will be focused more on:

  • Directory submissions (now a bit dead according to recent changes in SEO field but still works when there is much more relevancy).
  • Content Marketing (by posting articles on other high PR websites like Ezine, ArticlesBase, HubPages, and Squidoo etc).
  • Blog posting (write blog posts and post on your business web blog to drive higher traffic to your website or other free blog posting sites like WordPress,, and BlogSpot etc).
  • Image or other media optimization to make easier for search engines to read images or other multimedia files.
  • Blog commenting / forum commenting / RSS feed submissions etc.

We do not just do the things listed above but many other things which are secrets of our team of of-page optimization experts at OM IT Solutions.

Rely on us for all WHITE HAT SEO results. We do not use BLACK HAT SEO Techniques. Gain higher ranking in Google or other search engines and win customer online by our effective SEO services.

Our Portfolio

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